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Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienist (DH) are regulated healthcare professionals and have to be registered with college of dental hygienist to practice as DH. They do periodontal examination and oral nutritional assessments, refer for any suspicious lesions, stain removal/polish, pit and fissure sealants. Poor oral hygiene affects overall health and can lead to systemic disease which impacts mortality (CDC 2001). Dental hygienist also educate about proper eating habits and nutrition or manage their nutritional needs.

The dental hygienist will bring chair, overhead light and a portable unit for suction and cleaning. The DH will do a thorough assessment, evaluation and review your medical history and provide necessary feedback and education. Most of the services provided by DH are covered by regular insurance companies.

Common conditions treated by Dental Hygienist are:

Bleeding gums

Prevent bad breath


Teeth whitening

Prevent oral cancer